Jadwal Kegiatan

  • Pick you up from Jember or Banyuwangi city. Transfer to Sengonan village, Glenmore (Raung
    expedition starting point). The village located at southern of Raung.Overnight at Sengonan village.
  • Expedition is getting startedfrom Sengonan village(583meters above sea level).
    Expeditionteamwillbringtheir ownluggage,supportedbyporters. A man will carrying20-25 kilograms,
    and a woman will carrying of 15-20 kilograms.Transferto BatasProyek (975meters above sea level)
    by truck. Then, the long journey is getting started. We are going through the sloping wet forests,
    giant trees is dominantly here. Clump, spiny rattan is one of any annoyed trees,we must skipping.
    Before twilight, well arrive at Lembah Kelana (1356 meters above sea level). Overnight at Lembah

  • Second days, still going through the sloping wet forests. We will walk along the day into the valley
    before Punggungan Pinus (Pine Ridge). Punggungan Pinus is a narrow ridge and steep, pine
    vegetation dominantly here. We’ll arrive at edge of the valley called Camp Rotan (1839 meters
    above sea level). Overnight at Punggungan Pinus.
  • Climb Punggungan Pinus (1900-2100 meters above sea level).The windblowing hardhere, because
    openhill here. Only a shade of pine trees, some of which collapsed.
    Sometimesredforestberriesbecomeafreshfoodhere. After long trekking, we’ll arrive at Camp
    Pinus(2211 meters above sea level). Camp Pinus is a place under the giant pine trees.The midpoint of
    the journey. For the first time we can seeing the south wall of Raung. Overnight at Camp Pinus.
  • The journey after Camp Pinus is more difficult and steeper than before. Pine trees dominantly
    here.CantigiandAnaphalisjavanica(edelweisz) began tobeencountered. Until thelimit ofvegetation,
    the treeswillbegin to decrease. Vegetation of ferns and moss began to be found. Raung south
    wallare increasingly seenfrightening. We’ll arrive at Basecamp Cantigi (2924 meters above sea level).
    Fenced by clump and trees of cantigi.In front of us is the rocks area of Raung south wall rocks.
    Novegetationthere,justedelweiszandsmall ferns. Tomorrow morning, we’ll climbing the south
    wall.Overnight at Basecamp Cantigi.
  • Early morning, we’ll doing summit attack. We’ll walking with moving together system. All climbers
    will be united with single rope.All luggageswill be leftatbasecamp, except equipment and logistic for
    the flying camp in Lembah Sultan (valley of the emperor). After 3hourswalkfromBasecamp Cantigi,
    we’ll arrive at Glenmore Peak/South Peak (3285 meters above sea level). Giant crater has been seen.
    South ridge of the crater with any sharp peaks seem scary.That ridge will we pass through to reach
    Puncak SejatiRaung (real peak of Raung). We will go down along the ridge towards Lembah Sultan
    (3209 meters above sea level). A roomy place on the south ridge of the giant crater. We’ll sleeping
    here tonight. All luggages(exceptclimbingequipment)willbe lefthere. Lembah Sultan is 30 minutes
    from Glenmore Peak.
  • The journey to Puncak Sejati Raung will be started. Teamwork is absolutely needed. We’ll climb any
    peaks of south ridge, then traverse some rock walls. Climb up, climb down, then across any water
    pool with edelweisz surrounding there. This place called Kolam Air (water pool). So beautiful. 3 hours
    from Lembah Sultan, we’ll arrive at Satu Bumi Step (3301 meters above sea level). A vertical wall
    that must be passed with traversing or climbing with a rope. One hour climbing from Satu Bumi Step,
    we’ll reach Puncak Sejati Raung (3349 meters above sea level), our final destination. No more higher.
    Raung south wall has been climbed.
    Began to foggy afternoon, we will go down towards Lembah Sultan. We’ll build a flying camp here.
    Night temperature is very cold here.Overnight at Lembah Sultan.
  • This morning, we’ll climb down the south wall of mount Raung. Taking all luggages in Basecamp
    Cantigi, then going down to the jungle. We’ll walking along the day to go down until Pintu Rimba
    (the door of the jungle, 1260 meters above sea level). There is a giant banyan tree with its roots
    forming five foot sticking in the ground. Batas Proyek is one hour from here. We’ll spend last night in
    mount Raung here.Overnight at Pintu Rimba.
  • Down to Sengonan village, 4 hours trekking across the farming area. Goodbye mount Raung, big
    adventure here.
  • Transfer to Jember or Banyuwangi city. End of services.

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Periode 26-03-2019 ~ 26-03-2019

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